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13th July 2024 
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About Surya

“The human body, at peace with itself,
is more precious than the rarest gem.

Cherish your body, it is yours this one time only.
The human form is won with great difficulty, it is easy to lose.
All worldly things are brief, like lightning in the sky;
This life you must know as the tiny splash of a raindrop;
A thing of beauty that disappears even as it comes into being.
Therefore set your goal, make use of every day and night to achieve it.”

(Founder of H.H. Dalai Lama’s lineage school)

The 'Zendo' - Surya's Home Therapy Room in Cambridge CB1

Surya has been practising Massage since 1994 and teaching Touch for Health since 2004 in a variety of settings in London, Cambridge, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Fiona Shaw, a regular Massage, Kinesiology and Reiki client over many years says
" Surya and her unique, peaceful zendo are a recipe for total nourishment- physically, emotionally, even spiritually. She has a calm and caring manner and her hands are sensitive and skillful. I have always felt completely cherished, blissful and renewed."
Fiona Shaw, Teacher and Healer, Cambridge.

Surya's Personal Statement:-
'20 years ago my body was unbelievably tight a lot of the time. I found it hard to relax and my neck and shoulders were often painful with frequent bouts of back pain.
Gradually over the years through Therapeutic Massage, Touch for Health Kinesiology and Reiki (as well as through Meditation, and other forms of bodywork) I have relaxed and loosened beyond compare on all levels and now feel more flexible, alive and energised then ever before!'

Surya has taught Massage to Carers on retreats in Suffolk and students at Cambridge Uni. She has been involved as a therapist in several community based projects and charities, namely Arjuna Clinic and Mill Road Winter Fair, Pink Festival, The Cambridge Folk Festival and The Samaritans.

She has a background in Nursing and Midwifery which informs her practise coupled with an intuitive and creative approach.

Her love of Bodywork and the language of touch have led to her extending her range into the fields of Kinesiology and Reiki in the last 15 years.

Surya currently works as part-time Phlebotomist at the Rosie Maternity Hospital which she loves and which complements her practise of Pregnancy Massage.

Surya (Suryamani = Jewel of the Sunlight)) is also a member of the Triratana Buddhist Order and has a rich experience of Meditation.
She also has experience of Iyengar Yoga, Chi Gung and Karate.
She teaches Meditation to hospital staff at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. She also leads walking meditation events around Cambridge and camping retreats (called Yatras) along ancient East Anglian trackways. Click here for Upcoming Yatra's (choose 'menu', then 'meditation')
She loves meditative journeys through nature and the creative arts, especially music, poetry and painting.


  • Chiang Mai Thai Massage Certificate (1992)
  • Bodywise Therapeutic Massage Diploma (1995)
  • Pregnancy Massage Diploma (2012)

  • Touch for Health Synthesis (2003)
  • Touch for Health Instructor (2004) Last update 2013 and CPD 2014
  • Perceptual Bodywork coursework (2004 ongoing)
  • Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner Modules (2011 ongoing) - Muscle Metaphors and Goal Setting (2011)
  • Clinical Touch for Health Workshop with Matthew Thie for Joyful Movement, Sports and Best Performance (2016)

  • Reiki 1 and 2 (2004 and 2005)
  • Radiance Technique level 1 (2010)
  • Reiki 3 - 'Master' level (2019)


    Member of IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International)

    Please feel free to contact me by email for further information without any obligation to proceed. I would love to hear from you. You might just wish to find out more about what I do and whether it seems like an appropriate thing for your unique needs. Or perhaps you would like to try a half hour taster at half the price of a usual session.

    Covid Risk Assessment updated 11.01.2022
    99% Sanitiser spray used with kitchen roll on all surfaces likely to be touched before client arrives and after each client.
    Hand Sanitizer provided for self and client.
    Both to use at beginning and end of session.

    Face masks/coverings
    Surya will wear a face covering throughout but the client is free not to wear one. This can be negotiated in the case of colds etc.

    Door handles - back gate, French windows, zendo, toilet. Sanitise after each client.

    Toilet - Handgel or soap and water after using loo using paper towels to dry hands. Sanitise seat. Sanitise Handgel container.

    Zendo (Therapy Room)
    Keep windows open to keep fresh air circulating
    Massage couch, Face ring, pedal bin, table and black chair sanitised between clients.
    Couch and all soft furnishings freshly washed for each client:
    • Velvet couch cover and face ring cover
    • Sheet
    • Bolster covered in plastic bag plus towel and pillow case
    • Bath mat
    • Throw
    Tissues over face ring and any used for nose or mouth to be disposed of in bin.
    Bin to be emptied between each client.
    Floor mopping weekly.