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12th July 2024 
Therapeutic or Pregnancy Massage . Chalice Well

Bodywise Therapeutic Massage and Pregnancy Massage

Surya has been practising Massage for 30 years in a variety of settings through home visits, health centres, retreats and festivals.
She trained at the Bodywise Complementary Therapy Centre in East London in 1994.

What is Bodywise Therapeutic Massage?

Developed by Western Buddhist Meditators in the 1980's who drew from their experience of Swedish, Holistic and other forms of Massage and subtle bodywork. With the additional body awareness which meditation brings they discovered an approach to Massage which aims to get to the heart of holding paterns in the mind and body.

Bodywise Therapeutic Massage brings a cherishing appreciation of the body and its wisdom. This kindly awareness allows the body to gradually release unnecessary holding and tension.
These releases add up over time bringing a deeper relaxation and flexibility in body, heart and mind.

While some techniques work very directly with the muscles, tendons, and circulation, other techniques encourage release using the mind and breath. The use of meridian balancing, neurolymphatic release and neurovascular release also help beautifully in assisting the body feel well and happy.

Experiencing clearly that the mind and body are intimately related we can feel a deeper sense of relaxation and ease in the body. A greater confidence in being who we are.

Everyone can benefit from a regular Massage and a series of sessions can really help reduce the effects of built up tension. Its also fine to have a one off session to destress and treat yourself (or a loved one with a Gift Voucher).

What to expect from a Massage with Surya
Health Centre Proprieter Jodie says:
'The therapeutic nature of Surya's massage isn't something that can be taught. It is a skill that had to be developed and refined over many years experience. Plus Surya's natural passion for what she does, her intuitive approach and her medical background all contribute to her ability to be a very special therapeutic massage therapist.'

  • Warm welcome and information gathering How you are, anything healthwise I need to be aware of and what you would like to gain from this Massage.
  • Warm soft towels Next I will give you privacy to undress (as you feel is appropriate for you) and to make yourself comfortable on the couch underneath the towels.
  • Optional Muscle Testing Using this insightful technique from Kinesiology we can ascertain with gentle muscle testing what your body needs right now. It will help you connect with your less conscious needs and include them in your Massage, If this is not what you would like we would go straight on to:-
  • Body Awareness Massage begins with a period of reconnecting with your body. This includes sensing the linking up of all parts of the body and a feeling of groundedness and being present.
  • The Massage This will include creatively applied Swedish Massage and other Massage techniques used sensitively and appropriately to what your body needs right now.
    It may include other more subtle techniques.
    The rythmn of the Massage may range from gentle, tender and relaxing to vigorous, strong and enlivening. There may also be periods of stillness to allow the body to absorb the effects. At any time I will take your guidance about what feels right for you regarding the pressure used and whether to continue or stop a technique.
    Music can be played at your request.
    The Massage concludes with a return to wholeness in the body.
  • Blissful Rest At the end of the Massage I will leave the room and let you enjoy a period of resting and absorption – usually 5 minutes.
  • After Care If it feels appropriate we can exchange feedback but sometimes there are few words and this is absolutely fine. I recommend a gentle time after a Massage, preferably alone or in gentle company. Some people relax quietly at home, take a bath, meditate or go for a walk. Taking this time allows the Massage to affect you more deeply and make the effects longer lasting. Drinking plenty of fresh water also helps refresh and cleanse the lymphatic system.

    Areas focused on in the session can include:-
  • Full Body Massage with Oils or through the clothes without oils
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder
  • Legs and Feet
  • Arms and Hands
  • Face, Scalp and Neck
  • Tummy and Chest (as appropriate)
  • Any combination of the above
    Therapeutic Massage, £48 per hour / £40 concessions.
    Discounts available for block bookings - Please enquire.


    Dear S,
    That was the best Massage I have ever had and I have had many!
    Janie at Bodywise, London

    'I have been going to Suryamani for Massage for several years, she is one of the best Masseur's I have come across. Her intuitive connection is immediate and she has an outstanding healing ability'
    Dharmavira, Karate Teacher, Cambridge

    Hi Suryamani,
    I was a Massage client of yours at Bodywise several years ago, before I
    moved away from the UK. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your
    approach to massage and health, and how I still consider you the best
    therapist I have seen in my experience across 3 continents!
    I just googled
    you with the intention of recommending you to a friend in London and saw
    you're now based in Cambridge full time. I still recommended you, I think
    it is worth the trip! And I also then wanted to thank you for your care,
    compassion and work.
    Natalya Pemberton, London

    'Dear Suryamani
    It was a pleasure to meet you. I also would like to let you know what a good massage you gave me. I had a very relaxing afternoon and slept peacefully longer than normal.
    Thank you and hope to see you again.'
    Simin Ostovani,Cambridge

    'Surya and her unique, peaceful zendo are a recipe for total nourishment- physically, emotionally, even spiritually. She has a calm and caring manner and her hands are sensitive and skillful. I have always felt completely cherished, blissful and renewed.'
    Fiona Shaw, Teacher and Healer, Cambridge

    Massage Review from Jodie Sellen when Surya worked at CCTT July 2012 - January 2014
    Having known Surya through out my career as a therapist, I've been lucky enough to have received many different treatments from her; lots of Reiki, the occasional Kinesiology session but never Massage. So as she now works here at CCTT I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

    Firstly, I should confess that I'm not a huge massage fan. I'd explain this by arguing that I'm not a very tactile person and I'm not mad on the idea of undressing in a therapy room. However, as a proprietor of a therapy centre it seemed having a treatment was the best way for me to fully understand how a therapeutic massage differs from other forms of massage. I'm so glad I did!

    To begin with Surya asked me a few general questions, just to see how things stood with me at the moment. I found it great just to be able to talk for a while, just to share a bit. I could feel myself begin to relax already. Then we moved onto the massage. The room that Surya works in was warm, quiet, cosy and private so when she left the room for me to undress I felt totally comfortable to do so. She also used her super sized towels and her towel technique (movement of the towels to expose the area being massaged) was excellent. This left me feel totally comfortable and safe in the hands of a real professional.

    I enjoyed a full body massage including legs, arms, back, shoulders, stomach, neck, head and face. Before the session began myself and Surya decided that my face, head and neck where area's that required special attention but Surya also modified the treatment as she worked, noticing areas of tension.

    One of the surprising areas of tension was my stomach and solar plexus area. Here Surya used quite a firm circular touch which felt wonderful; I could really feel the emotional stress leave my body. This emotional aspect is what makes Surya's massage specifically therapeutic. As she worked I could feel pent up emotional tension releasing.

    Another key area was my face. Surya used a wonderfully gentle touch around the eyes, temples and forehead which was so soothing. However, the touch that she then used on the head and scalp was really strong but again, just what I needed.

    This ability to read intuitively what my body required was what impressed me most and after the treatment, I felt more than relaxed, it was like an emotional weight had been lifted from me. It felt like I'd undergone a therapeutic experience.

    The therapeutic nature of Surya's massage isn't something that can be taught. It is a skill that had to be developed and refined over many years experience. Plus Surya's natural passion for what she does, her intuitive approach and her medical background all contribute to her ability to be a very special therapeutic massage therapist.
    Jodie Sellen, Proprietor of Cambridge Complementary for Therapies and Treatments

    Pregnancy Massage aims to cherish the Pregnant woman as she cherishes her developing baby within her. It helps her to reconnect with all the changes taking place in her being and provides a space to assimilate these changes. Through relaxing therapeutic touch, her body can adjust to these changes, releasing tensions and enjoying the sensual nature of Pregnancy. Pregnancy Massage is generally gentle and uses the sidelying position to prevent vena caval compression associated with lying on the back. Extra cushions are provided to maximise comfort.

    Specific Techniques are applied in a Pregnancy Massage to help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms associated with a normal Pregnancy. These include:-

  • releasing muscular tensions
  • stimulating her circulation to feed her own organs as well as the placenta
  • helping lymphatic drainage and reducing oedema
  • aiding easier breathing
  • inducing deep relaxation
  • promoting inner peace and a feeling of wellbeing
  • supporting a balanced blood pressure
  • encouraging oxytocin release to reduce pain during labour and birth
  • enhancing the womans positive relationship with her body
  • monitoring wellbeing and recommending professional input if any problems arise
  • providing a peaceful and beautiful environment for the woman and baby to receive optimum cherishing.

    All clients will be asked to complete a Health Questionnaire at the start of the first session. Extra time will be spent going through this before the Massage starts so the first session will be 75 mins long but the same price as ongoing sessions.
    Surya also works at the Rosie Hospital as a part-time Phlebotomist and really loves supporting women going through their Pregnancy journey.

    Pregnancy Massage, £50 per hour/ £42 concessions

    Jodie Sellen says:
    After the treatment, I felt more than relaxed, it was like an emotional weight had been lifted from me. It felt like I'd undergone a therapeutic experience.

    She can also make local Home Visits on request for an additional £10 fee.
    Surya knows how important it can be to receive Massage in your own home.
    In the latter stages of pregnancy it can be lovely to be nurtured in the place you feel most at ease in.
    Likewise if you are recovering from an episode of poor health and/or your mobility is limited then home is the best place to be. Whatever your situation, Surya is very adaptable. She has a background in District Nursing and Midwifery and has been present at several home births! She can either bring her Massage couch or use your home furniture to suit your requirements. She will usually talk this through a little before visiting.