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13th July 2024 
Training Workshops. Chalice Well

Massage and Touch for Health Workshops and Training

MASSAGE WORKSHOPS *possible to do this online if you live with your 'buddy'*
"FULL BUDDY MASSAGE!" Self tailored Massage tuition for partners, friends or family duo's. Just the two of you learning together. No need for extraneous study or irrelevant tuition. Just teaching you and your partner how to give each other a safe, effective and enjoyable Massage. Suryamani can teach you in your own home providing all necessary equipment or you can go to her therapy space or to some alternative suitable venue.

Full 'Buddy' Massage 1 covers Back, Neck, Shoulders and Scalp,
while Full 'Buddy' Massage 2 covers Limbs, Hands, Feet and Face.
The workshops are complimentary and link together to teach you to give a Full Body Massage but its fine just to do one.
Each workshop costs £65 each partner for 3 hours tuition (plus half hour break). During each workshop you will both give and receive a full Massage.

Re Full Buddy Massage Workshops for couples or friends
The three things we most enjoyed about the course were:
1. Your friendliness and approachability
2. Small group and course tailored to our needs,
3. Good to be able to practice at home and come back to ask questions.
I would tell a friend about your kind and friendly approach, how you have endless time for us, you know your stuff.
We have both become a bit more embodied, particularly Phil and more sensitive to each other's needs.
We both want to thank you very much indeed and are enjoying giving each other massages now.
Vanaraji and husband Phil, London

Re Full Buddy Massage Workshops for couples or friends

3 words to describe experience of Full buddy Massage Workshop:

Tailored, Patience, Richness.
'I felt well supported in this precious opportunity. Skillfuly guided to connect with the simple power of Massage. and beyond the workshop.'
Jez, Photographer, Cambridge

Calm, Nurturing, Relaxing
- 'thankyou for providing the knowledge and space to tool me to connect in a nurturing way with my loved ones'
- Anon

Relaxing, Mindful, Nurturing
- 'It was a really nice afternoon, thankyou!'
- Anon

Interesting, Informative, Calming
- Katy, Cambridge

Useful, Grounding, Happy
- Celine , yoga teacher, Cambridge

Informative, Guiding, Relaxing
Nick - Academic, Cambridge

Relaxing, Calming, Informing
Karolina - Accountant, Cambridge

Energy, Connection, Communication, Fun!
Rob - Teacher

Relaxing Peaceful, Calm
Jessica - Lawyer

Relaxing, Informative, Confidence
-Loved it! Thankyou for such a great session!
Lucy - Civil servant

Soothing, Learned, Broadening
Thankyou! :)
-Soldier - Geospatial analitics

Enjoyable, Knowledgeable, Restful

Enjoyable, Relaxing, Meditative

Relaxed, Informal, Honest

Relaxing, Informative, Fun

Informative, Enjoyable, Relaxing
- 'it was great!'

TOUCH FOR HEALTH levels 1, 2, 3 and 4
Learn to develop your skills in simple touch therapies (kinesiology foundation) that enhance energy, optimism and confidence and enable you to do whatever you most want to do. These workshops gradually build up your knowledge and skill of simple muscle testing to guage meridian flow in the body. You will also learn emotional stress release techniques and ways to address imbalances on all levels of a persons being:-physical, chemical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Techniques such as meridian tracing, accupressure touch, nutritional testing, colour and sound balancing and the use of body metaphors are also learnt and applied. Any of the levels can be practised on family and friends developing intuition and increased body awareness with empowering health techniques. For the professional-minded, levels 1-5 comprise the complete foundation level in Kinesiology. At this level and with insurance one can practise with the public as a 'touch for healther'. Or one can use it as a spring board to further Kinesiology training.
Touch for Health levels 1 - 4 = £200 per level (15 hours) Do get in touch with Surya if the price is the only obstacle to taking the workshop and a concession can be arranged.
Each level of Touch for Health is conducted as either weekend workshop or broken into smaller chunks of time to suit the individual.
Price includes:-

  • all refreshments other than lunch
  • the Touch for Health Workbook
  • Certificates for each level.
    (Foundation Kinesiology)